- Ecommerce for breweries

Ecommerce for brewers

Let BRYG digitalize your brewery

BRYG is an e-commerce platform tailored specifically to breweries, which offers a variety of functions to help breweries sell directly to consumers and business customers.

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Breweries that already have signed up for the beta

"BRYG is a really powerful tool that really hit the spot in terms of helping us with the challenges we encountered during the corona crisis. BRYG helped us with a quick setup."

Lukas Marmer Hohwü, Marketing Manager, Ebeltoft Gaardbryggeri


So what can this platform do for me ?

BRYG is an easy to use platform that requires no technical skills, enabling breweries to sell their products within minutes. Bringing the brewers into the digital era, allowing them to keep focus on their passion: brewing delicious beers.


Order handling

Collect and manage orders, shipments, invoices and payments.



Sell to business costumers or directly to consumers.


Customer management

Manage all customers, special discounts, add notes and etc.


Self-service portal

Let your customer download materials, make orders, see past orders etc.

So how simple is for your customers to buy one of your beer?


Some of the features that makes BRYG awesome

We have listed some of the features that BRYG has. If your are interested in them all, please send us a mail, and we will inform you.


Sell you beers as recurring subscriptions (release soon)

You can sell your products as subscriptions, in daily, monthly, yearly intevals. Or you can create mixed beer boxes, where you customers will be suprised every month. After a customer buy a subscription from your shop, BRYG will automatically manage everything, so you orders and money will keep coming every month.


Your own B2B / B2C webshop

With BRYG you get a webshop that is ready to sell for both B2B and B2C. So you can sell to your distributors, bars and restaurant, but also have the opportunity to sell directly to end customers.


Pickup points for your local customers

You can have 4 different pickup points at the same time.


Automatic adjust your beer price

It will automatic reduce the price of a beer, so you could set a date like 3 months before the last expirations date. Furthermore we made it possible to set the end date(expirations date), and the possible to disable the product when this date is reached. So you don’t have to worry about selling beer that is expired.


Lock your products to be sold in specific quantities

You wanted a feature so you could set a minimum quantity a product to be sold in. We created this, and expanded so it is possible to only buy the product in this interval.


Mass invoice and Shipping

You can create invoices and shipments on multiple order at once. You just select all the orders, and choose invoice and ship, and it all done automatically.


Upload your media and documents

You can upload alle your media, documents, pricelists and other files to the shop, so the customers can download them. You can also upload files to specific customers only.


Customer specific prices and creditmax

Set different prices and discounts based on the customer group. For example: all distributors get 10% off IPA. You can set a creditmax for the entire store, or for a single customer. If the customer has unpaid invoices exceeding the credit max, they will not be allowed to shop again before they are paid.


Require login to buy

You can choose to hide the buying options for non-logged-in visitors, or hide both prices and buying options. It is also possible to hide the entire shop behind a login. Customers can create an account, but they cannot login before their account is approved by you.


Give discount to customers paying in advance

You can set a percentage discount if the customer pays the order with credit card. So if the customer chooses to pay with creditcard, when ordering, they will automatically get x% discount on the order. The percentage can also be set on the customer group, so you can differentiate it for your customers.


Bulk ordering with file upload

Let your customers order in the quantities they wish. Let them use CSV or Excel files to upload their orders.


Pre-Order - Produce by demand

BRYG has builtin preorder functionality. You can set a product as pre-order, with a release date and an allowed quantity to be ordered. You can choose how the customers should pay for the preorders, no payment before the order is created, partial payment (%), or full payment beforehand.


Multiple stock locations

Create different stock locations for your products, and choose which location to ship from, when creating the shipment.


Delivery date on ordering

Let your customers choose a delivery date when ordering products. This gives your customer the possibility to place orders for the future without the need for calling you.


Export orders in CSV or EXCEL format

We made is possible to export Orders to a file, so you can import them into other systems.


Extra emails to receive a copy of the Order email.

It is now possible to add extra emails that will receive a copy of the order email. So now everybody in you brewery can get them, from the bookkeeper to the packer. You can add as many as you want.

Differentiate your products

Differentiate your products

Control which products your customers can see, based on the customer groups you create.

Wanna be a part of the process?

BRYG will benefit from every single participant, so more the merrier!

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